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As a fully qualified financial advisor in collaboration with an innovative, family-focused Bank with the best solvency rates in Europe, I offer a 1-on-1 Bank-Customer -Relationship, customised financial planning and approachable communication channels. 

No more queues, no waiting time, easily established contact, close to you, no more changing faces, all banking services and needs. 


Piggy Bank


Native languages: German and Spanish
Proficient language: English

Advanced language: French

Basic knowledge: Dutch, Swedish, Mandarin



Simultaneous interpretation is key for your conferences, meetings and presentations. It helps you to deliver your content confidently in your own language while your assistants hear the interpretation simultaneously and feel your enthusiasm without delay. It makes your meetings, presentations, etc. dynamic and fast. 

Deliver excellence to your audience by hiring two simultaneous interpreters per language!

Fields thus far interpreted: Tea fabrication, Cosmetics, Machine development, Stone work (fabrication, marketing, distribution and finance), to name a few.

Image by Elliot Sloman

Written Translations

For many years now I have been working in the field of written translations. In 2016 I started working with a Spanish Agency that keeps on growing and which sends me high standard translations to be delivered in German. Since 2018, I am also working with an Agency in Brussels, which sends me written work in the fields of Law, Marketing and Technology, from the source languages Dutch and French and target language German.