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We are a mother-daughter duo specializing in a wide range of professional
translation & interpretation services. Find out more about our work and experience below.

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Translator and Interpreter for the languages English, German, Spanish, French. Specialized in literary translations (books of all genres, articles, blogs, etc.) and video game translation & localization. Currently undertaking a BCs Psychology at Arden University. A very friendly, hardworking and dedicated individual who is not afraid to get directly to the point, get her hands dirty and focus on any task in hand to ensure success!

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Yvonne Haughton

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Translator and interpreter for the language triangle German-Spanish-English, in whichever constellation. Providing services in written format, as well as verbal such as in business meetings, congresses, courses, etc. and simultaneous translations. Furthermore, Yvonne offers financial advice in her capacity as European Financial Advisor for a Spanish Bank.
Yvonne has an impressive background in business and economics and is currently studying for a double degree in Law & Psychology at Arden University.
Additionally, Yvonne is a qualified Personal Trainer, you can find fun workout videos and content on the Forto Fitness website or the Forto Fitness YouTube channel.

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